Jon Watson


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I am a Linux sysadmin. I currently work in the security industry, but I’ve worked in a lot of verticals in my career. Banking was the most regulated, defence was the most secure and entertainment was the scariest. Terrifying.

I’m a capital ‘ST’ STEM guy. I love science and technology and how it changes the way in which we interact with the world. I don’t know much about engineering and my math skills are tragic. I have a college diploma in Computer Information Systems, and I have been in this field long enough to figure out that a deeper understanding of the science of computing is required in order to continue doing interesting things. To that end, I’m in the middle of a Comp Sci degree. For kicks I (used to) do things like maintain a Fidonet BBS. My personal blog is here and I used to write security and privacy related articles for Comparitech here. Here’s a list of some other things I’ve done that may or may not interest you.

Open Source Projects


WordfyFace: Pebble Classic watch face written in C.


Duplicity Menu: A console based front-end for the Duplicity backup application written in C++.

Post It Once: PHP script that allows web users to post status updates and full blog entries to their Twitter, Facebook, and WordPress blogs in one fell swoop.



A History of Computer Operating Systems.

Linux Journal

VirtualBox: Bits and Bytes Masquerading as Machines.

Break the Hardware Upgrade Cycle with Win4Lin Windows Virtual Desktop Server.

Podcasting for the Penguin!

Linux Magazine

Convenient Castle.

Sound Saver.