Rewiring the heated bed on the Monoprice Select Mini 3D printer

  The Monoprice Select Mini is a very popular 3D printer. It’s inexpensive, small, and very hackable/fixable. For those reasons, it is a popular 3D […] Read More

3D printing and modding the Moby iPhone 7 stand

I recently stumbled across this nice Moby iPhone stand on Thingiverse. One of the very first things I printed in my 3D printer was an […] Read More

How to check if an SSL certificate and private key match.

I’ve lost track how many times someone has come wandering up to me with a bunch of private keys and a cert and thrown it […] Read More

Fixing my Christmas Tree stand with 3D printing

A little video on a clip I made to fix my Christmas Tree stand.

On building software bots

I work for one of those very rare companies that lets me try to do things I’ve never done before. I’m many years into this […] Read More

Whale breaching

Quick n’ dirty loop to check breaches against Have I Been Pwned API

Using Have I Been Pwned to see if your email address has been breached? Most of us have more than one email address which can […] Read More

Musclebound Linux mascot Tux

Using ExpressVPN with Ubuntu, Linux Mint or Debian Linux

ExpressVPN is one the highest rated and fastest VPNs. Debian strains of Linux such as Ubuntu, Linux Mint, and Debian itself are the most widely […] Read More

Proper names in the top 10,000 most commonly used passwords

This post came from data I compiled for some other post and I thought it was interesting enough to keep. Out of the top 10,000 […] Read More

Close up of dictionary page

Slumped Over Keyboard Dead Glossary

I write about technology a lot. I don’t consider this a beginner tech blog, but I’m also keenly aware that many technology words and acronyms […] Read More

A picture of a tree frog carrying books and calculator as an office worker

Remote work: the last meritocracy

The general idea of remote work is that you do the same job you would do in the office, but you don’t have to actually […] Read More