Pebble: Moving Beyond the Basics

I’m into month two with my Pebble Classic and in that time I’ve gone through almost every app and watch face in the Pebble App store. That has enabled me to gain a lot of insight into how I use my Pebble and the surprise ending is that although notifications are a big part of its usefulness, I use it for much more than that.

I decided to write this post after reading David Breger’s post on LinkedIn about why he does not wear his Pebble any more. I tried to comment on the post but the Submit button would not enable for me, so I ended up thinking about his post and about how my experience with the Pebble so deeply differed from his. I finally came to realize that David’s post solely focuses around notifications and he has completely missed, or at least did not talk about, the rest of the Pebble ecosystem. So I aim to fix that.

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