On building software bots

I work for one of those very rare companies that lets me try to do things I’ve never done before. I’m many years into this Linux sysadmin thing (La Cosa Linuxstra) and you don’t get very far into this gig without having some scripting chops. Sysadmin code is generally only as elegant as “whatever stops this emergency right now” and I’m the champ of hackey code that keeps stuff running. What I have less experience with is designing complex, easily maintainable code.

Despite that shortcoming, I’ve been entrusted to write some software automation. I’ve spent the last several months creating a bot that takes loosely formatted customer input and tries to produce useful responses. The challenges have been great all throughout the stack. At the bottom, I’ve had to become more familiar with developer stuff like pull requests (wha?) Somewhere in the middle I’ve had to shelve some really powerful concepts because the underlying infra doesn’t exist. At the top, I’ve spent some tense moments trying not to cringe with embarrassment as my fledgling bot gives an absolute asinine answer to a fairly straightforward request.

Bots are like kids. They’re never really grown up. But you can still learn a lot along the way. Here’s some of the things I’ve learned on this ride.

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